Band at Robert Eagle Staff

We have five band ensembles:

Throughout the school year, students will build their skills and knowledge and become exceptional musicians, citizens, scholars, and activists of the Robert Eagle Staff community.

Our bands travel to perform and learn at local and regional festivals. We spend a weekend day at the Wild Waves festival, and we make overnight trips to Silverwood and jazz festivals such as Lionel Hampton — both in Idaho.

Orchestra at Robert Eagle Staff

We have three levels of orchestra, all of which are mixed-grade:

Each orchestra is comprised of string instruments: violin, viola, cello, and bass. Players have an opportunity to build technical skills, enhance their musicianship, and, challenge themselves with new and varied repertoire.

Our orchestras travel to perform for and listen to other orchestras in the region. Every year we attend the Washington State orchestra festival in Bellingham, as well as Music in the Parks festivals at Wild Waves (weekend day) and Silverwood (overnight trip to Idaho).

One-semester electives

Guitar is a one-semester elective that meets during 6th period. Beginning- and intermediate-level students are taught by Lindsey Dustin, and will perform with the orchestra in the fall and spring concerts.

Percussion is a one-semester elective that meets in the band room, taught by John Aguilar. Students new to music or who are looking for a musical outlet are encouraged to register. Many students build on percussion as an entryway to other ensembles.


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