Jazz Band Auditions

Jazz 1 is by audition only. Students not placed in Jazz I will be placed in Jazz 2; students who don't want to audition will be placed in Jazz 2 (no audition is required for Jazz 2).

Jazz 1 instrumentation: Saxophones (alto, tenor, and baritone), Trumpet, Trombone, Guitar, Piano, String Bass, Percussion
Jazz 2 instrumentation: all band instruments

Rehearsal: Jazz 1 will meet MTThF from 8:00 to 8:45. Jazz 2 will meet either before or after school for 1 hour, 2 days/week TBD.

Audition info

Where: Robert Eagle Staff Middle School
When: Monday-Friday, Sept. 17-21, 4-6 pm
Sign up for a 10-minute slot at Signup Genius
Download materials, and see below for details on how to prepare for your audition.

Prepared Excerpts

Please note that memorization of these excerpts is NOT required. Students are welcome to read off of their sheet during the audition and can annotate it to their advantage. Students must pay close attention to note/rhythm accuracy, tempo markings, articulations, dynamics, and other musical markings.

  1. Major Blues Scales
    For woodwinds/brass/rhythm section:
    Perform each of the 4 figures at 120 bmp
  2. Rhythm Figures
    For woodwinds/brass/guitar/piano/bass:
    Perform each of the 4 figures at 120 bpm on a concert Bb pitch.
    Pay close attention to the written articulations and how it affects the note lengths, releases, and style.
    Pay close attention to the stylistic markings above each figure (straight vs. swing)

    For drumsest:
    Perform each of the 3 figures at 120 bmp.
    Pay close attention to the stylistic markings above each figure (rock vs. bossa vs. swing).
    At the end of each figure add fills that are appropriate for the marked styles.
  3. Jazz standard excerpt (All of Me - Gerald Marks / Seymour Simons)
    For woodwinds/brass/bass:
    Perform the excerpt with accompanying backtrack.
    Students are free to add embellishments to the melody/rhythms, and add interpretive articulations (-,.,>,^) that are appropriate to the "swing" style and chord changes.
    Students are free to improvise the chorus a second time around -- NOT required. Points will NOT be deducted for not improvising.

    For guitar/piano/drumset:
    Perform the excerpt with accompanying backtrack.
    Perform the excerpt in a "comping" style -- play the written chords/cues in appropriate rhythms and countermelodies that support the melody line.
    Piano players only: do not play the melody on the right hand. It is there for reference only. Perform the piece in a comping style with both hands.
    Drumset players only: the cued rhythms are the reference for the melody. Perform a steady swing groove that complements and accentuates the melody's rhythms.