Performance attire


When performing as an ensemble, it is important that we have a cohesive look. Students, please show respect to your audience and fellow musicians by dressing appropriately.

Students are responsible for acquiring their own uniform (unless provided, as noted here). An inventory of uniform parts is available for those in need and gently used items that no longer fit are welcome! There is a donation bin in the music room to deposit gently used items and/or to pick up new-to-you items.

If you need assistance on where to find a specific article of clothing, or concert attire is a financial issue for you, please contact Mr. Aguilar or Ms. Dustin.

All ensembles Concert Attire

  • All-black button-down shirt and long pants or all-black dress / blouse & skirt

    • Sleeves below the elbow

    • Dress/skirt below the knees

  • All-black socks/tights

  • All-black shoes

  • Ties/bowties

    • Optional (any color) for all ensembles except Jazz Band

    • Jazz Band (red) - will be provided


  • Red uniform polo— purchase from school in spring/fall

  • All black pants/slacks

  • All black socks

  • All black shoes